admit it, everyone's wanted a tumblr friend before. someone who's like you, or someone who's different; someone from far away, or someone from nearby; but mainly someone who gets it, someone who is there for you in the good and the bad, and someone to call a true friend. lucky for you, you're in the right place.


  • 16/Junior in High School
  • San Antonio, TX, USA
  • Uh, I’m a confused person; I need to find myself. I’m ranked #1 in my class, yet I have no desire to go to school. I have no idea what I would want to major in. I want to run away and travel the world. I’m a complicated person. I love adventure and spontaneity. I like One Direction. I’m in my high school drum line. I’m an optimistic narcissist. I wish I lived in London. I have more thoughts than I can handle. I love the beach. There’s a lot about me to find out. I take life too seriously, but sometimes not seriously enough. I’d write more, but eh. I’d love to have someone to talk to seriously or just joke around with (the same person preferably, haha). I’m not as serious as I seem… Message me if you’d like. (:
  • My blog is pretty much whatever, and a lot of posts are bipolar. But oh well, depends on my mood. (: 


  • 18, and first year at university
  • Canberra, AUSTRALIAAA
  • I appreciate the beauty and diversity of the junk food isle in the supermarket. 18 years old. Able to leap tall buildings (probably) if i felt like it. More likely to be hanging with friends; or cobbling together a particle accelorator out of lint, lentils and safety pins; or rocking out to my fave tunes; or painting a swirling feral sewer mural; or forcing someone to say ‘swirling feral sewer mural’ 13 times really fast….and pointing and laughing.
  • Umm, cool stuff… Honestly, its about 25% youtubers, 25% bands I love, 15% positive stuff and the other 35% is pretty stuff,


  • Your URL:
  • Your Age / Grade level: 15/ sophomore
  • Your Location: USA
  • HII! To begin with i’m a carefree, and lighthearted person. I will talk to anyone and everyone:) I play lacrosse and field hockey both competitively! I am a HUGE fan of one direction and can talk about them for days, but then again if you don’t like them then they don’t have to be brought up in conversation. i guess anything else you can find out by becoming my friend!! 
  • Your Blog Type: Beach/ ocean/ boho


  • I’m 14~ Going into 10th grade.
  • Texas! c:
  • I love cats. I love a lot of rock bands, Michael Jackson, Demi Lovato, but I listen to any kind of music. I love texting and emailing and pen pal-ing. c: I’m super awkward, and very sarcastic, but I also like to think I’m a nice person. c: I also like hair dye, tattoos, and a lot of childish things. Adventure Time, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, stuffed animals, long phone calls, buliding forts, etcccccccccccccc. >3<
  • I’m a personal blog, I guess. o3O


  • 14 going into grade 9 this year
  • Canada
  • well…..i’m definetley a girl, i’m 5’5, i’m year of the tiger, i’m a Taurus, i was born on may, 19, 1998. I’m a really sensitive person. I love playing video games like uncharted, resistance, minecraft, animal crossing etc…i like watching mostly any kind of anime. i love listening to music like motionless in white, malice mizer, kyary pamyu pamyu, girls generation, aicle and so on. I LOVE Japanese culture <3 and i’m currently studying the Japanese language and i specialize in art at school. 
  • anything that matches with who i am.


  • Nearing 18. Fresh out of highschool.
  •  A much quieter, central Canadian city.
  • This is kind of a shot in the dark, so here goes nothing.. Typically, I’m this silly, mixed-Asian kid with a mind that wanders often. A lot, actually. I’m naturally very dorky. And odd. And I tend to have erratic thoughts that flood out of my mouth in tumultuous waves.. if you’re good conversation, anyways. If not, I warn you that I am sarcastic by nature. I’m often told that I’ve lived a life “years ahead of myself,” so if you enjoy being deep.. I’m your girl. Don’t be intimidated, though. I’m humoured by the slightest of things for the weirdest of reasons, so I enjoy laughing a bit too much. And as cliché as it sounds, I pride myself in finding beauty in all things. Aesthetics are my forté. I’m all about and for artsy-ness. Those who know me well enough tend to label me as a “hipster” of sorts.. but you can be the judge of that, yourself. Oh, I’m also real open-minded, so you won’t have to worry about me being judgmental about anything. Just be yourself with me.. and if we hit it off? Beautiful. I honestly just like people and making friends, so talk to me anytime you like :3.
  • I guess I could generalize my blog as a monochromatic aesthetics blog? I do have hints of a personal blog here and there, but I generally stick to visually intriguing/appealing works to post. Oh, and I also post music from a wide range of different genres. muz1k junk1e 4 lyf3 hollaa.


  • my url is
  • i just turned 14 a month ago; i’m going into the eighth grade.
  • i live in usa. #FREEDOM. c;
  • bio: ok well my name’s grace, & i’m nigerian-american. i’m really into art. music and photography to be specific. i’m a dancer and i play soccer. i love food man. good thing i don’t gain weight though, lmao. i’m awkward if you first get to know me but if you wanna be my tumblr friend let’s skip the awkward part ok. LOL. i’m the crazy/funny one and the listener in my group of friends. i’m always here if you want to talk/rant. or if you just want to be fun than here i am. i’m open-minded, so if you feel like i’m gonna judge you, i won’t babe. <3
  • blog type: i’m a quality blog.


  • Your URL ~
  • Your Age / Grade level ~ 14
  • Your Location ~ england
  • A bio about yourself ~ bit of a hipster, into clothes, photography, fashion, music
  • Your Blog Type ~ indie, hipster


  • 16/Senior
  • Minnesota
  • This is my new blog and I’m just looking for someone to talk to :) I love photography, lacrosse, dogs, tie dye and Criminal Minds. I’m really good at HTML coding. I would love to make new friends!
  • This is a new blog where no one knows who I really am, so I just blog whatever. I guess it’s personal. It has some grunge, photo, vintage! But I’m just starting out!


  • Your URL:
  • Your Age / Grade level: 15, going into grade 10
  • Your Location: Nova Scotia Canada 
  • A bio about yourself: Ah haha Okay Im very sarcastic and I love being funny, but I can also be very caring. Im fun and easygoing. If we get close you can text me anytime and i’ll text back! Im looking for a tumblr friend to talk to and yeah :) 
  • Your Blog Type: Personal/Indie